Monday, March 12, 2012

New Album available: "I Am The Diamond Geezer"

My new album, I Am The Diamond Geezer, is available here to listen to or buy in digital and CD formats. Only £10 plus P&P.

To purchase the album, click on the "Buy" button below. You can also share it on Facebook etc by pressing "Share". If you want to play it, press the "play" button, (the big, black arrow in the box below).

You can also scroll through the tracks by pressing the buttons either side of the play button.

From Bandcamp:

"James Nelson, AKA Mick the Punk, is a man with a remarkable story. Born into poverty in east London in 1933, he spent much of his adult life as a homeless alcoholic until a near-death experience in the 70s caused him to sober up. He wrote a book, "No More Walls". "I Am A Diamond Geezer" is a punk slice of life based on his book. It's ferocious!"