Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Be Still

Be Still is one of the few poems I've written. I am still very hyperactive and speedy and the committee is holding midnight tribunals in my head and when I play Be Still it relaxes me and I am not at at war in my head, I am at peace.

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Simply what is need Reviewer: Avery

Lyrics and music come together to induce what is suggested in a most powerful way; haunting, hypnotique and happy-making. A unanimous choice for every circumstance -- alone or together, quiet or tumultuous,inside or out-of-doors. Tell you mates. Better yet, give them their own disc. Keep writing, James.

An absolute M Reviewer: Mickey Jones

The most spiritual song I've ever heard. The lyrics are astounding. The song is spellbounding. the work of a genius.

Wow ! Am I Still, - now . Great music !Reviewer: Ned N.

Be still has brought me more release from tension and anxiety than any other event in my life. And, it's good music too! I can't tell you how many times I've played it. I just leave it on repeat. Thanks James. Be still, mate.